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This site is dedicated to my Dad, who enjoyed slot car racing, building model cars, & tracks. 

It started with a "Midget"
In 1966, my Dad & I purchased the 1/24 scale Monogram Midget slot cars and "Hot Shot" midget kits. 

A short time after the release of the midgets, a friend of my Dad's started racing the midgets at his home, on a 4 lane Revell track. (Photos - "Vintage Page").  He had Friday night races with the neighborhood kids.  All his midgets were modeled after real midgets & drivers, from "USAC" or "Badger". 
His group was called
"Short Circuit Racing Assn. (SCRA).  From 1966 to 1984.

November of 1976, our track was named "Tosa Raceway Park" & we formed the "Mighty Midget Racing Association" (MMRA). 
1976, our first home track consisted of a plywood table with rough routed slots. As time went on, the tracks got better, along with the routing.  We tried plywood, particle board, luan wood and MDF.  
MDF has been the best so far & smoothest surface to run on. 

In the 40 + years of midget racing, my Dad & I built 12 tracks, everything from a 4 lane road course, to 4, 5, & 6 lanes ovals.  The current track is a 6 ft x 12 ft, 4 lane banked on 1/2 in. MDF. The table is 7'10 in. wide x 14 ft long.   A 12 in section was set aside for scenery & bleachers.
(Photos - "2000 - 2015 page).
The midgets have basically stayed the same.  From the old "Offy" styled body to the look today, fancy hoods & cowls. (Aerodynamics).  Some of the midgets we run are the old style and some are the new style.  Some midgets are modeled after real ones and others are our own design.  Of the 72 midgets I have, half still have the original motors, and the majority of them are running the old "Aj's" silicones tires. (Information on the Monogram Midget page).

Over the years, we ran on a lot of different tracks and surfaces. Dad & I enjoyed building each one, with improvements made on each one.   

Tosa Raceway Park" is the hub for midget racing. We run other groups of cars,
stock cars, sportsmans, modifieds, un-limited modifieds, sprint cars and jalopy's and now Nascar Trucks.

40 + years of history & pictures of our tracks & cars.
1960's to the 2000 - 2015 pages . 

My thanks to everyone past and present who help to keep Tosa Raceway Park running.

Thanks for looking.  Hope you enjoy it.

Questions or comments about the web site, contact me at:   Gene@TosaRacewayPark.com

Web Site Up-Dates: 

November 2015
Celebrating 39 years of midget racing at Tosa Raceway Park

July 2015
- Milwaukee Mile.  "Millers at Milwaukee".  Vintage Indy Cars.
The Harry A. Miller Club held their annual Vintage Indy Car show at the Mile.  Great turn out of cars and spectators on a beautiful day.  Pictures of today's event at the bottom of the

"Photo & Video" page.
A short video on my you tube channel. (Click on the purple link below to view the video)

June 6th 2015 - The Vintage Modified Stock Car Club held it's 10th vintage race car show at the Cedarburg Race Track.
The race cars were displayed on the main straight. A car show in the infield, along with some vendors selling misc. racing items.  Tosa Raceway Park had a display of slot cars / race car models.  It was a great day / great weather.  Photos at the bottom of the "Photo & Video" page.
Two videos from the show are on my you tube channel (Click on purple you tube link below).

June 12th & 13th. 2015 - Had a chance to go to Road America on Friday the 12th & Sat the 13th.  This was my first trip to RA.  I was really impressed with the facility and the ability to go anywhere around the track to watch.  I took a couple of video's from those two days I was there. (Click on the purple you tube link below to view).

New 3 lane road course "Circuit of Saukville".  Info and photos on the Cars & Tracks page.

October 2014 - Tosa Raceway Park - new 6 ft. x 12 ft. 4 lane banked track. (Above photo). More info and photos on the 2000 - 2015 page.

Tosa Raceway Park on You Tube 
Click on the purple link for all videos.
Videos on You Tube:

Slot Car and Racing videos on You Tube are listed below.

Slot Car Videos:  

Feb 21st, Friday night racing at TRP - Midget Heats 1 to 7, Sportsmans & Modifieds 
Deer Run Raceway: Midgets, Sprints, Sportsmans, Modifieds, Jalopy's, Stock Cars.
Routed 66 Speedway, 3 Lane Road Course: 1/32 scale cars
New Berlin Metro-Plex 3 Lane Road Course:  1/32 scale cars.
Cal Speedway, 3 Lane Road Course:   1/32 scale cars.
Milwaukee Mini Mile, 4 Lane Oval: Stock Cars, Sportsmans, Sprints, Midgets, 1/32 Nascar.
Spirit of Senna 3 Lane Road Course: 1/32 scale cars.
Tosa Raceway Park: Sept 19th 2014, Midgets, Modifieds, Sportsmans, 1/25 Scale Trucks.
Grandview International Raceway - Jan 29th 2015.

Racing Videos on You Tube:  
Milwaukee Arena - Indoor races, Jan 2000.  Midgets, Go Karts, Allison Legacy cars, Mini Sprints. 
Badger Midgets at Hales Corners Speedway. (Franklin Wi.)
Milwaukee Mile - Summer Shoot Out 2005, Bandelero's, Thunder Roadster, Legends.
Plymouth Wis. July 2010 - Dirt track racing, late models, sprints, vintage race cars, & their version of a grand national division. 
Milwaukee Mile - USAC - Badger Midgets, 25 Lap Race.
Angel Park - Sun Prairie Wi - Badger Midgets
Beaver Dam Wi - Power Com Park, Midgets, Sprints
Hales Corners Wi.  Midgets, 1997
Milwaukee Mile - USAC Silver Crown Cars 1997
Vintage Modified Stock Car Club - Cedarburg Re-visited June 7th 2014.
Milwaukee Mile - July 2, 2000 - Busch Cars - Sears Diehard 250
Sun Prairie, Wi - July 16, 2000 - Badger Midgets
Milwaukee Mile - 2004 - Nascar Trucks
Milwaukee Mile - USAC Sliver Crown Cars - 2004
Midget Racing - Early 1990's - Milwaukee Arena and Hales Corners Speedway
Millers at the Milwaukee Mile - Vintage Indy Cars - July 2012
Road America - Sept 18th 2015 - Vintage Race Cars - Video
Road America - Sept 18th 2015 - Vintage Race Cars - Photos

Pages 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 - 2015
History of all tracks & cars.

2000 - 2015 Page
New 4 lane banked track. Summary & photos
10/12/2015 - up dated slide show of all my cars.

Cars & Track Page 
Road Courses:

Cal Speedway 3 lanes
New Berlin Metoplex 3 lanes
Routed 66 Speedway 3 lanes
Ventura USA 4 lanes (Custom built in 1967. Oval and road course). 
Spirit of Senna      3 lanes
Grandview International Raceway 4 Lanes
Circuit of Saukville 3 Lanes

Deer Run Raceway 4 lanes
Mayberry Speedway 2 lanes (Carrera Track)
Routed 74 Speedway 3 lanes (figure 8)
Milwaukee Mini Mile 4 lanes
Ventura USA 4 lanes (Custom built in 1967. Oval and road course). 

Vintage page
"Ohlsson & Rice" midgets, raced by my Dad & his friends in the late 1940's & early 1950's.
History & photos.

Photo / Video page.
June 7th 2014: Vintage Modified Stock Car Show" held at the old Cedarburg Raceway in Cedarburg, Wi. 9 years of having the show, they had a record turn out of 30 cars.
A few photos of the cars on the "photo & video page, and 2 short videos of this event are on my
You Tube channel.
 Above - click on the purple link.

September 1
3th 2014: Vintage Modified Stock Car "Hall of Fame Car Show" Hartford, Wi.
Modifieds, Stock Cars, Sprint Cars, and a Midget were on display. A friend of mine and myself had our slot cars and some racing models on display.  Great weather and a great turn out of spectators.
Photos of the event on the Photo & Video page.  A short video of "Gentleman Start Your Engines" on my you tube channel. 
Above - click on purple link   

Millers at the Milwaukee Mile -  (2012) Vintage Indy Car Event, sponsored by The Harry A. Miller Club. Photos of Indy Cars, & the miniature display of the Vanderbilt Race from 1912 on the 

Up dating the monogram midget body, from past to present.
Monogram Midget page.

Check out the following face book page.

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